Best Illuminated Makeup Mirror [Latest Buyer’s Guide]

Do you want to know what is the best illuminated makeup mirror? Continue reading this latest buyer’s guide to know the answer.

Best Illuminated Makeup Mirror [Latest Buyer’s Guide]

If you live in an apartment with little natural light, the illuminated mirror becomes an essential accessory. Indeed, it is challenging to make up or shave when you have to squint to see your face correctly.

After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of the six best light mirrors among more than thirty models available at the moment. The one I recommend without hesitation is probably the Jerdon JGL10W. Quality and aesthetics are at the rendezvous, for a price that remains relatively accessible.

You will also find at the end of this article a buying guide. It will help you to choose the mirror that suits your budget and your requirements.

Let’s know what the best illuminated makeup mirror is

After long research, I have listed the best illuminated makeup mirrors. Find out below:

  • Fascinate: the best and cheap makeup mirror
  • Broadcare: a faithful travel companion
  • Fancii: light and efficient
  • Jerdon JGL10W: the best mid-range lighted vanity mirror
  • Chende: Hollywood Makeup Vanity Mirror
  • Simplehuman: great quality and beautiful design

Are you looking for a small portable mirror to bring with you on a trip? Or even a functional product that will allow you to make up without hassle? Discover these entry-level models.

1- Fascinate: the best cheap

Fascinate: the best and cheap Illuminated Makeup Mirror
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Let’s go! We start our review of the best light mirrors with the FASCINATE. A tryptic mirror with integrated LED bulbs offering three levels of magnification: 2x, 3x and 10x, for when you’re hunting for unsightly blackheads and disordered eyebrows.

It also has a 180 ° swivel foot, support at the base to store makeup accessories and adjustable light intensity. You can charge it by its USB cable, or it also works with AAA batteries. Prefer USB. It’s still more environmentally friendly.

The 10x mirror is devilishly useful (a little too much for my taste. There are things that we do not want to see). The two components allow us to take a look at its profile on the same occasion. We also appreciate the adjustable light intensity. It is convenient for those who have sensitive eyes, and they can adjust it according to the external light.

Even if it is not the most aesthetic mirror that we can find, it is still quite discreet and exists in several colors. It allows you to best match your interior. At the same time, we are asking ourselves the question of the solidity of the whole thing. Indeed, some online reviews point to LED blinking problems after a few weeks of use.

My opinion

Personally, I really appreciate the swivel foot. It is always more classy on its dressing table than modern plastic equivalents. But the fact of being able to tilt its mirror to lean over it considerably facilitates the task. This feature is especially so if you are a follower of the smokey-eye look. To avoid you end up with full eye-shadow cheeks, the law of gravity requires.

In conclusion, a rather exciting product for this price. If you are looking for something more reliable and more aesthetic, you will most likely find your happiness among our selections of medium and high end. Otherwise, you can hardly do better in this price range.

2- Broadcare: a faithful travel companion

Broadcare, A best travel mirror with lights
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Do you not have the means (or the desire) to invest $100 in a high-end light mirror? It does not mean that you have to risk going out in public with lipstick on your teeth. Here is a cheap and chic model of the brand Broadcare. Which offers a 5x magnifying effect and a 360 ° rotation.

It is a two-sided mirror: one 1x (no magnifying effect) and the other 5x. What turns out, if one has no worries in the eyes, to be more or less the ideal level of magnification. Enough to see very clearly what one does but not to the point of distorting the image. Or to force you to look deep in your pores (never an excellent way to start your day).

The mirror, with its 18 bright LEDs encircle the ice and provide a soft light and close enough to the light of day. It recharges thanks to its USB cable, whose port is on the right side.

A full charge lasts about 4 hours. It’s ideal from the point of view portability: no need to worry about finding an electrical outlet while on the move. At the same time, its small size makes it an ideal traveling companion: it is not with this mirror that you will exceed your luggage quota.

At the same time, its compact dimensions represent its main drawback. With a diameter of only 11 cm, so to speak that one is forced to make up a few centimeters at a time.

An excellent travel accessory, but beyond, its usefulness is limited. If you are looking for a bright mirror for everyday use, I can only advise you to invest a little more and turn to a model with larger dimensions.

3- Fancii: light and efficient

Fancii, An efficient Illuminated Makeup Mirror
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You are not one of those who like to spend half an hour each morning in front of the ice cream? The Fancii could be the ideal mirror for you.

Small, portable, and offering a magnifying effect 10x. This small battery-powered mirror is fixed to the wall of your bathroom thanks to its suction cup. Like the Broadcare proposed above, it features tiny LED lights that encircle the ice and promise to reproduce the light of day faithfully. Let’s discover all that!

This mirror is by the same occasion a bit bigger than the Broadcare, which I criticize its diameter too small, so it’s slightly positive. Equipped with a base with a suction cup, it weighs a little over 400g. The LEDs use AAA batteries for power, which are not supplied. The mirror comes with a small velvet pouch.

The lighting is rather efficient without hurting the eyes. It makes it possible to wear makeup without a problem, even in places that do not have good natural light. It will delight those who often make trips and know that you can not always rely on hotel bathroom mirrors. Have you ever tried to put on makeup under a neon? The result may be surprising.

The product has an Easy-Lock suction cup, which theoretically makes it possible to fix the mirror on surfaces such as enamel, acrylic, ceramic, marble, porcelain, or another mirror. It would be enough to put the base of the mirror on a flat surface and to twist it to lock it except that this one does not always look good. Indeed, buyers complain of having found the mirror cracked on the floor after a few days of use. In any case, check that the surface you intend to fix it on, is one of the compatible surfaces.

At the same time, one wonders if the magnifying effect is indeed 10x. Visibly, it seems to me that we are more on 5x or 7x. Personally, it does not matter to me to the extent that 5x is enough for me. But it may be embarrassing for people with problems in the eyes and looking to buy a magnifying mirror for this reason.

The best mid-range light mirrors

4- Jerdon JGL10W: the best mid-range illuminated makeup mirror

Jerdon JGL10W, a best Illuminated Makeup Mirror
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I told you, it’s my favorite illuminated makeup mirror! Find out why below.

The Jerdon JGL10W by Jerdon is really a best illuminated makeup mirror. It is designed with an elegant look and a pretty white finish to match any home decor. This stylish makeup mirror is so impressive, which comes with fluorescent touch lighting and adjustable side mirrors.

The central mirror rotates from 1x to 5x magnification so that every detail of your hair and makeup is in place. It can rotate smoothly, and it’s apparent. It has a regular magnification mirror while on the other side, it rotates in the center. Then you have a five times magnification. The zoom function is beneficial for close-up makeup or shaving. I love the side panels. These side mirrors are adjustable and provide a 180-degree view to use in the morning.

The lights are on both sides. These fluorescent lighting without reflections has four different light settings so that you can see your makeup with different illuminations. You can adjust its light setting with a slider at the bottom. Here you can slide it over. And when you slide this over, it changes the color, which of course, changes the optimal lighting that you will be in at that time.

A consumer’s opinion

One of the happy consumers said: “For my makeup, I usually use the office setting, and basically it’s Green-light. It highlights redness so that you can apply the amount of makeup that you really need to be in the office to cover up your blemishes. The evening setting is a little bit darker, and the home setting I never use the Home setting, but it depends what color you like. You can play around to see which one you like the best.”

This JGL10W mirror stands out on its own with a folding backrest that fits perfectly to any table. This triple mirror also offers a convenient built-in 120-volt electrical outlet for curling irons, dryers, and other appliances.

Adjustable 5x magnification, versatile lighting, and multiple viewing angles make this triple mirror a best illuminated makeup mirror.

The best high-end illuminated mirrors

For you, it will be the best in terms of brightness, quality, and aesthetics. We have selected two models that we have found in these three aspects.

5- Chende Hollywood Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights: the best of high-end

Chende, a wonderful lighted mirror
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Glamor and efficiency, who says better? For those whom a simple bathroom mirror will not do, this large model “Hollywood” proposed by the brand Chende has ten dimmable LED bulbs. Allow seeing from all angles while bringing a touch of charm to your home.

It comes with two spare bulbs. The fact that they are changeable is a positive point in itself because this is not the case for all mirrors of this type. And a base for placing a hairdresser.

We also have the possibility, if we wish, to hang it on the wall. Since these LED bulbs are low consumption, they do not heat up and pose no risk of burns. It plugs into mains and has a second socket on the left side to plug in a hairdryer or straightener.

Everything is rather aesthetic, except for the base, which is still a bit massive. We have, of course, the opportunity to get rid of hanging the mirror on the wall. However, in this case the absence of bulbs on the lower edge gives a small side unbalanced. We can not deny the impact of such a mirror in a room, which brings a special touch of glamor “backstage.”

The lighting is on top, especially with the dimmer, which allows you to adjust the brightness of the room in which you are. Many buyers still report receiving a defective product, cracked glass or bulbs did not work and they have to exchange the product.

In conclusion, a small product quite suitable for the price at which it is proposed. Because even if there are more economical light mirrors, tariffs tend to climb for this type of item quickly.

6- Simplehuman: great quality and beautiful design make it the best illuminated makeup mirror

Simplehuman, a great quality vanity mirror
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Like the Fancii, this mirror also clings to the wall, but the similarities stop there. One might think that it is a “smart” mirror because of the WiFi icon on the presentation photo. It must exist, but no, the mirror has a sensor that allows it to automatically turn on when approaching and turn off when you move away.

The Simplehuman brand seems to specialize in lighted mirrors sensor, proposing for some time a range of products with a tru-lux light system. Now including a foot mirror with three magnification areas and a small compact mirror. Which, makes the Instagrammers happy as a portable spot, which means that the brightness is dominant.

It is a mirror with both integrated LED lighting and a 5x magnifying effect. It is also tilting and adjustable in height and does not require an electrical connection. You can also charge it by the USB.

Everything breathes solidity; the finishing is excellent. Thanks to its luminous intensity of 600 lux and a color rendering index of 90, it simulates the perfect daylight. At the same time, it is tall enough to see the whole face. To avoid any distortion or reverse effect, the mirror is slightly curved.

In this case, we are on a very functional product with a rather crude look. With which we do not find the glamor of “Hollywood” type mirrors, like the Chende. It is still a product with a discreet but particular aesthetic, which will bring a touch of class to your bathroom.

The only flat of the product is its price. The Simplehuman is undoubtedly worth it for its solidity, its brightness, and practicality for its sensor. However, it is still a mirror proposed to (at the time of writing) more than $150.

How to choose your light mirror?

You may invest in the creamiest cream BB, pay the equivalent of a salary in postage for US-only products, and spend an hour a day refining your routine contouring. If you do not invest in your equipment at the same time, it means that you are not optimizing your beauty routine as you could.

What I mean is an endless supply of snow-white towels, a collection of carefully cleaned natural bristle brushes. And of course, a bright mirror that lets you zoom in on different parts of your face while reproducing at best natural light.


There are, of course, bright bathroom mirrors that both illuminate the room and the person. These serve both for the toilet, shaving, teeth, and this is not our subject. If you opt for a mirror with the magnifying effect, you primarily use to refine your makeup or even to scrutinize the black spots. In this article, we have discovered different types of lighting makeup mirrors, LED products that we can screw on the wall.

Different types of lighting

The type of lighting will depend on the mirror. Some have bulbs arranged in a circle around the model for a small backstage effect. While in others, generally smaller, LED lighting is directly integrated into the mirror.

Cold white lighting is preferred to benefit from a better color rendition and to reproduce the natural light of the day.

The magnifying effect

Makeup mirrors are available with various levels of magnification. The higher the magnification, the smaller the field of view. A standard mirror without magnification would be indicated as 1x, and a mirror that would enlarge your face up to five times its average size 5x, and so on.

Many mirrors are reversible and offer one face without a magnifying effect. If you have vision problems or you also wear glasses, the magnifying effect becomes an important criterion.

Since high magnification levels offer a reduced field of view, they are not useful for applying makeup. The image is distorted, and you will not be able to see your face entirely.

The fixing system

If you live in a small space or prefer not to clutter your dressing table (if you do not have one), opt for a wall mounting system.

There are various ways to fix your mirror to the wall, including mechanical systems, suction cups, or simply the adhesive. These mirrors are usually intended to be hung in your bathroom.

There are also standing mirrors, which are generally more aesthetic, and you can move them anywhere in your home.

In conclusion, which lighted makeup mirror to choose?

If you are an adventurer, or you are always on travel or business trip, it does not mean that you neglect your makeup or shave. Opt for Broadcare or Fancii, small mirrors as effective as portable.

Neat to the tips of your nails, as demanding your home decor as your makeup: no question for you to have a mirror that stains on your dressing table. I can only point you to Jerdon JGL10W or Chende.

For you, it will be the top of the top in terms of technology and strength, and you are ready to put the price right! Have you thought about the Simplehuman sensor mirror?

And to conclude, if you are looking for a cheap and chic mirror and useful at the same time, you can hardly find better than the tryptic mirror Fascinate. It is an exciting product, but the battery does not last long.

I hope this guide will help you to choose the best illuminated makeup mirror for you.

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