Best Electric Shaver for Head Top 3

If you are loosing your hair or you have very less hair on your head that also looks gray, then you may decide to clean them all. For this purpose, you need to get the Best Electric Shaver for Head. Make a clean and durable shave, is one of the features that users of shaving products look for. So, here are some of the most relevant. We have reviewed the most relevant brands and top recognized models in this post. So, continue reading.

Top 3 Skull Shavers

First of all, please remember that shaving your own head is not an easy task. It needs some skill and experience to move a shaver all around your scalp. You can’t see all areas on your head. While selecting an electric shaver for head, you should know that regular razors are not useful for this purpose. If you have some long hair on your head, they can jam your machine. Therefore, you need a right shaver for your head to do this job comfortably.

In these days, there is a ton of different shaving equipments available in the market. When there are a lot of choices, then it is hard for you to select a suitable product. However, you better know your needs, so, when you go to buy a shaver you must keep in mind your requirements. So, carefully examine a razor, critically check its features and just choose one which can fulfill your needs.

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Comparative best electric shaver for head top 3 of 2019

Selecting the best electric Shaver for head from the market is simple. In the following list, we have taken into account the prestige of the brands, the response and performance of the models and the reliability and durability they offer. Accessing any of these models of head shaving machines will guarantee a rewarding experience, which will surely adapt easily to your budget.

1- Pitbull Platinum Skull Shaver – Compact and innovative

Best Electric Shaver for Head

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Just by taking a look at the Pitbull Platinum Skull shaver, you can be sure you’ll find the results you expect, once you turn it on and go through your skin. It is an attractive, elegant and powerful machine that combines multiple functions in one despite its compact size.

It has five rotating pivoting blades and is water resistant. You can use the Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum while taking a shower and clean the heads easily without much effort.

It is one of the most versatile shaving machines of this brand. Since its design allows it to adapt to any part of your body that requires shaving. An electric machine with 5 blades that allows you to shave your beard, your head or trim the hairs of nose and ears. It only needs to be charged for 90 minutes to get the maximum potential. Moreover, it integrates a built-in vacuum system and a cleaning kit that will allow you to keep it impeccable.

This specific model combines a compact design for optimal grip, with a built-in high-performance lithium-ion battery. The Pitbull Platinum head shaving machine is made with high-tech resistant materials, guaranteeing a clean, safe and pleasant shaving to the touch.

The set includes the razor, the cleaning station for Rinse Stand shavers for easy maintenance, as well as a travel case for safe transport. The Pitbull Platinum Skull Shaver machine is an excellent acquisition, since it offers all the functions of the most relevant machines in the market in one.

It also has a simple way to save energy by blocking the shaver, which can be unlocked by pressing the button for 3 more seconds. Ptibull Platinum Skull Shaver has incorporated its 5 pivoting rotating heads, which adapt easily to the lines of your face and you can shave the most complicated areas.

These all features make it the best electric shaver for head.

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2- Philips QC5580 – Do it Yourself

Best Electric Shaver for Head

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The Philips company offers a powerful, elegant and long-lasting head shaver, with an interchangeable head feature that will save you a lot of money. Thanks to its multiple functionality.

With an ergonomic and robust design, this machine Philips QC5580 allows you to access the most difficult and sensitive areas of your body, making it an ideal tool for your personal hygiene. Thanks to interchangeable heads, you can cut nose and ear hairs, shave your beard and head from 14 positions in length.

To charge the batteries of this impressive machine to shave your head, you only have to connect it for 60 continuous minutes. Which will take the maximum load levels to offer you an absolute autonomy during at least 1 hour of use. On the front of the Philips QC5580 machine, you will see an illuminated pilot, which shows the status of the internal battery. It indicates the status depending on the use you give to this device.

One of the advantages offered by this machine is that you can connect it to the current in case the battery fails, which will return you to your shaving session immediately. Its blades are made of hypoallergenic stainless steel and will allow you to have a firm and solid grip. Thanks to its ideal size for sturdy hands.

The Philips QC5580 razor features a built-in lithium battery, with two guide combs, providing positions of length from 1 mm to 15 mm, with an accuracy of 2 mm between each position. It can also be used underwater, easily cleaned and transported wherever you want with your compact travel bag.

Because it is waterproof, it can easily cleaned with water, ensuring the durability of this rotary shaver for men. With rotating heads, you can do a dry shave without the annoying irritating problems. While its movable heads can easily attach to the lines of the face, accessing the most complicated areas of the neck and chin. So, we can say it is also a best electric shaver for head.

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3- Remington HC4250 Quick Cut

Best Electric Shaver for Head

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Remington HC4250 is at number 3 in our list of the best electric shaver for head. This is the head shaver which has its very own style with better quality and price. In fact, the sensation that a shaver provides when picking it up with the hand is a vital factor that must be taken into account. And that is one of the reasons why we like the Remington HC4250 so much.

It fits easily in your hand. In addition, it has nothing that is rough or difficult to handle. It also has a rubber grip for maximum control. After all, nobody wants a shaver to slip from their hands and end up on the bathroom floor.

When we think about electric razors, we get a lot of questions:

Does it provide a close shave?
Does the battery last a lot?
Is it noisy?

However, do we think about the part of the body that is primarily responsible for its use?

Of course, the Remington HC4250 offers much more besides its grip. After all, it is the best electric shaver for head, but we would be careless if we did not mention his hilt.

Well, it offers many more things that make us like it:

  • The HC4250 has an extra-wide curved blade that fits around the contour of your head to provide a smooth cut.
  • It is versatile and has everything you need to achieve a quality haircut from the comfort of your home, including:
  • Nine combs for different cutting lengths (from 1.6 to 15.6 millimeters).
  • Beard oil and a cleaning brush.
  • It can be used with or without cable.
  • A rechargeable lithium battery with a duration of 40 minutes in wireless mode. The Remington HC4250 can also be used with cable and comes with a charger. A full charge takes four hours, which is not bad compared to the rest of electric razors.
  • It can be washed completely with water. This is always an excellent feature, since it makes it much easier to clean your razor and avoid a few problems.

Why do you need this shaver right now?

Although technically it is not a professional tool, the Remington HC4250 is the best wireless head shaver for the general public. Its high quality stainless steel blades guarantee a close shave every time.

And we have already talked about its shape and the ease with which it adapts to your hand. In addition, you can clean it under the tap with maximum comfort.

Oh, and also quite silent. That is something great if you are one of those people who wake up with bad grapes in the morning.

However, nothing is perfect, not even this excellent shaver.

Although the battery is not something that can be criticized, it does not last as long as in other models. In addition, its larger comb continues to leave hair a little short.

But the truth is that this shaver has many more positive than negative things. We would not value it so well if it were not so.

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4- HeadBlade ATX Razor

Best Electric Shaver for Head

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First, let’s clear any doubt. The HeadBlade ATX is a standard razor, not an electric razor. Uses two pivoting twin blades and can be used to shave other parts of your face and body. You will only have to adjust the blade so that it looks in the opposite direction. However, “razor” is synonymous with “shaving in a hurry”, and that is what you will get with the HeadBlade ATX. As soon as you take the trick (push instead of pulling) you will experience a bit irritation, while getting a shave in a hurry. Though, it’s a fun once you master it.

The first thing that some will ask you is, why you bought a toy. “What is that toy quad you have in the bathroom?”

But there is the differentiating factor of the HeadBlade ATX razor. It looks like a toy, it comes packaged so that a child would be delighted to find it under the Christmas tree. And, to be honest, it looks fun. However, it is a head razor that really works.

It is a winch that comes with two wheels on the front, a blade on the back, and a body that reminds an off-road vehicle.

And yes, it looks cool, and it does not look like any other razor you can get to see. But it is nothing new: it is a razor that works.

And this is another differentiating factor: with other razors, you have to go through your head, pulling them, but with the HeadBlade ATX, you will have to push.

Yes, you could use a standard disposable razor, but one of the many advantages of the HeadBlade ATX is that you do not have to give a lot of small passes to do its job. Instead, you can take longer and more uniform passes without applying considerable pressure.

And the wheels? They are not only to appear, but are designed to make smooth passes and follow the contour of your head.

Why is it time to buy this razor?

If you like unique things, you will like this razor. It’s the kind of thing you can show to your friends when they visit you: “Hey, you have to see my razor!”

But it is also a serious personal care tool. It is designed to use quality blades specifically, Schick Ultrex or Gillette Atra. And you will get a close shave without suffering a lot of irritation.

The other thing to keep in mind is this: the only goal of the HeadBlade company is to create products that facilitate the shaving of your head.

It takes a little getting used to the HeadBlade ATX, as it is unique and unlike any other razor. Mastering the right moves needs some practice, at least for most users, and for some it is too uncomfortable. Also, be careful when shaving around the ears and other areas of your head and face.

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A few things to remember before using an electric shaver

Beginners are advised to use a mirror to ensure that the entire head is completely shaved.

In the same way you have to have your scalp well cleaned to avoid possible irritations. It is recommended that you wash your head well with a good shampoo, even use conditioner to soften the hair.

After washing and drying it well, if you have long hair you have to cut it first with a hair-cutting machine without a comb, in order to facilitate the use of the head shaver.

Depending on the taste of each one, you can shave the head with cream or shaving gel, even with a little water, in order to soften the hair. However, head shavers can be used with dry skin.

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Pass the head shaver in a linear direction from front to back or back to front. Make sure the shaving heads are clean so that the result is impeccable.

Then you have to return the head shaver with circular motions. If you are using gel, cream or water, it is good to moisten it again.

When you do the circular movements, emphasize the area against the hair growth until you feel that there is no hair. When finish the process, rinse it with water and dry it with an absorbent paper or soft cloth.

As you can see, electric head shavers are very useful, safe, inexpensive and comfortable to use. Their prices vary for each model, but it really is a worthwhile investment in the medium and long term.

I hope you have enjoyed this guide about the best electric shaver for head as much as I have.

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